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Welcome to the wiki! This is where most of the in-depth tutorials that aren't on the forums are found as well as lore and updates to the server. Anyone can help contribute to the wiki, and every month the users with the most helpful contributions will be rewarded with some awesome prizes such as cash, items, or free SiBs.

What is Rise of Nations?

Rise of Nations is a Minecraft server set in the real world, in an alternate timeline during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In our own world, this period was known as New Imperialism, a time when the world's major powers raced to expand their colonies through conquest and technological advancements. In Rise of Nations, this period is relived in a new way through the Towny plugin, which allows players to build their own nations, form alliances and partake in brutal wars for land, resources and the destruction of their enemies.

The server's life began in January of 2017, and it went live to the public in late February. The world is still young, and is open to all who would like to plant their flag, be it for any reason.

Want to learn more? The best place to start is on our gameplay page!

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